Thursday, 1 May 2014

Just Finished Painting: Night Goblin Bosses, Shamans, Fanatics and Spiders

Another bunch of miniatures are ready: two Night Goblin Bosses, two Night Goblin Shamans, four Night Goblin Fanatics and sixteen spiders. With the Goblin characters and Fanatics my Night Goblin regiments are finally ready for gaming.

Bosses and Shamans for the Night Goblin regiments.

Four vintage plastic Fanatics.

The spiders are taken from the old Warhammer Quest game. My plan is to either use them as stand-ins for the goblins or as stand-ins for a unit of Squigs. I could also write some rules for them. They are also painted with nothing else but inks. But this time I only used the new Citadel Shades instead of the old Citadel Washes.

Sixteen spiders from Warhammer Quest on 20mm bases.

They can be used as stand-ins for goblins or Squigs.

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