Monday, 26 May 2014

HOTT Battle Report: Goblins vs. Wood Elves

Our third game took place on Sunday morning. This time we played Hordes of the Things with my Goblins versus Karl's Wood Elves.

Taking pictures of the arrayed Goblin and Wood Elf armies.

Karl played with a Hero General, a Behemoth, a giant eagle acting as a Flyer, 4 Spears and 3 Shooters. I played with 4 Warbands (one of them containing my General), 2 Riders, 2 Beasts, a Hero and a Behemoth. My army was attacking and started on a table edge with two woods. Karl's army started on a table edge with one wood and his Stronghold. In the center of the battlefield a huge ancient temple blocked movement and sight. I placed my Warbands and Beasts on my right flank vis-à-vis to Karl's Spears and his Behemoth. My Riders, Hero and Behemoth were placed on my left flank confronting Karl's Shooters, his Flyer and his Hero General.

The Goblins face the Elves in the shadow of an ancient temple ruin.

Karl's army moved forward in a line. I made a swooping advance with my left flank trying to destroy his Shooters with my mounted troops. But due to good movement and the approriate dice results Karl was able to kill enough of my troops on this side to gain superior numbers. I didn't have enough PIPs to attack with my Warbands on the other side. When the Wood Elves' stag riding Hero General slew my Red Giant Behemoth half of my army was destroyed and Karl had won the day.

Heavy fighting on the Goblin's left stops their breakthrough attempts.

40K Battle Report: Tau vs. Plague Marines

On Saturday we played this weekend's second game. Karl asked me to bring my 40k Tau Empire army to Berlin. So I did. We played a 1000 points battle using the 5th Edition rulebook pimped up by some rules from  6th Edition. We battled with a diagonal army setup and struggled for two factories - one in each setup area.

Last preparations before the game starts and including terrain setup.

Karl fielded two strong units of Plague Marines, one with Melters and led by a Chaos General in a Rhino, the other with Plasma Guns defending his objective. A unit of three Obliterators was held in reserve. I fielded a unit of 12 Fire Warrios, 11 Kroot, two Hammerhead tanks and two Piranha Skimmers. A small unit of 3 Stealth Suits and two Commanders in Crisis Suits were ready to jump on the table during the course of battle.

The Plague Marines defending their warped factory.

It was a balanced game that ended in a draw because both of us were able to hold our objective. First I blew up Karl's Rhino making his attack unit much less mobile. Then Karl put a lot of pressure on me when he made a deep strike with his Obliterators near my objective. It took three rounds to wipe them off. This was a close job because Karl killed all my Kroot and nearly wiped out my Fire Warriors. In the end I tried to put the pressure on him when I attacked his Objective with everything I had left. But in the end his Plague Marines proved to be too hard. I wasn't able to contest his objective. So the game ended 1:1.

Tau's side of the battlefield with some Kroot holding their objective.

WHF Battle Report: Orcs & Goblins vs. Wood Elves

Last weekend I visited my cousin Karl in Berlin for a long gaming weekend. We managed to play three games using three different systems: Warhamnmer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40.000 and Hordes of the Things. It started on Friday evening with a 1500 points WHF battle. It was the first time I fielded my newly painted Goblins.

Orcs and Goblins battle Wood Elves in a tropical jungle.

I faced Karl's Wood Elves together with Krüger who played his Orcs. Karl's army comprised of a big unit of spearmen led by a hero, two units of Dryads, a small unit of archers, a Treeman, a hero on a stag and a wizard. Krüger brought a big mob of Orcs led by our commander, a unit of Boar Riders and 4 Trolls. I fielded a unit of 20 Night Goblins with spears and 2 Fanatics led by a hero, a unit of 20 Night Goblins with bows and 2 Fanatics led by a shaman, a unit of 10 Spider Riders and the Red Giant.

Karl takes some pictures before the game starts.

Karl's Elves were well hidden in a line of trees. So we decided to attack. In the second round the Spider Riders reached the Wood Elf archers and overrun them. Then our Giant, the Trolls and the Ory warriors clashed into the enemy line. While the Elf spermen defeated the Trolls, the Red Giant slew Karl's mighty Treeman. On our left flank a unit of Dryads routed the Night Goblin archers. On our right flank the other unit of Dryads was destroyed by two Fanatics. The battle was finally decided when the Elven spearmen fell to the Orc warriors in the center of our battle line. In the beginning of the fourth round the greenskins had beaten the pointed-ears.

Krüger talks about rule issues.

I'am very happy with the way the Goblins performed on the battlefield and especially with the look of them. The Spider Riders, the Giant and the Fanatics did a good job (though the whole Goblin army benefitted from the higher Morale Value of the Orcish commander). And the newly painted Goblins looked great on the gaming table. I think it was a good idea to use my actual painting technique mainly using washes on a white priming.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Just Finished Painting: Night Goblin Bosses, Shamans, Fanatics and Spiders

Another bunch of miniatures are ready: two Night Goblin Bosses, two Night Goblin Shamans, four Night Goblin Fanatics and sixteen spiders. With the Goblin characters and Fanatics my Night Goblin regiments are finally ready for gaming.

Bosses and Shamans for the Night Goblin regiments.

Four vintage plastic Fanatics.

The spiders are taken from the old Warhammer Quest game. My plan is to either use them as stand-ins for the goblins or as stand-ins for a unit of Squigs. I could also write some rules for them. They are also painted with nothing else but inks. But this time I only used the new Citadel Shades instead of the old Citadel Washes.

Sixteen spiders from Warhammer Quest on 20mm bases.

They can be used as stand-ins for goblins or Squigs.