Sunday, 2 November 2014

Spiel 2014

The Spiel 2014 convention is done again. This year I went there together with Bettina, Andi and Krüger.

Always so much to discover on the Spiel convention...

Under the sign of our upcoming Ancient Imagi-Nation project I visited the Warlord Games booth to buy one of their excellent Celt Warriors boxed sets and a can Army Painter Quick Shade. Now I've got everything that I need to start a small Celtic army. As a stand-alone army or perhaps as allies for greater Carthaginian, Roman or Greek army?

Having a nice conversation with the Warlord Games staff.

Later I went to the Prodos Games booth and discovered a prototype of their upcoming Aliens vs. Predator boardgame. The announcement of this game was actually the reason why I stopped my own Aliens vs. Predator project. I wanted to wait for the new miniatures. And what I saw looked very promising. The Prodos Games miniatures are superb and the gaming material of the boardgame also looked very good. Hopefully the rules will have the same quality.

Aliens vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins looks very promising.

I was very happy to get the new Tactics and Strategy Guide for Memoir'44, one of my all-time favourite boardgames. It only took two days to read the more than 500 pages of this excellent written book. I can highly recommend it. If you are interested in Memoir'44 or other Command & Colors games don't hesitate to get a copy.

Shopping victims?

Bettina took many pictures. Andi and Krüger couldn't resist to buy a big plastic bag full of cheap boardgames each. And I got everything I was looking for. At the end everybody was happy. See you again on next years' Spiel in Essen.

Carrying heavy on our way back home.