Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Just Finished Painting: Greek Peltasts and Unit Bases

I just finished painting eight more Ancient Greek Peltasts. This time the application of the shield transfers worked better than last time. I'm planning to paint eight more Peltasts for a total of 24. They will make up a decent unit of light infantry or up to three small units of skirmishers.

Eight more Ancient Greek Peltasts.

At the same time I painted two movement trays for the Peltasts, both compromising two rows of six infantry each. I use the excellent unit bases from Victrix Limited.

Movement trays for the Peltasts from Victrix Limited.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Finished Painting in February: Greek Peltasts, Lord of the Rings Heroes and Hobbits...

In February I continued with the Ancient Greeks project by painting eight Peltasts with spears and shields. For the first time I used shield transfers from Little Big Men Studios. A little bit fiddly but creating good results. Next time I have to take care that I use shields which are more flat than those I used this time.

Ancient Greek Peltasts.

Then I came back to Lord of the Rings and painted Theodred on horse and on foot as the second leader for my Riders of Rohan.

Lord of the Rings Theodred.

For a little variety I finished Elrond and the Elven king Gil-Galad.

Lord of the Rings Elrond and Gil-Galad.

Then I turned to the Fellowship of the Ring and painted Aragorn in his variant from the Batlle of Helm's Deep.

Lord of the Rings Aragorn.

Finally I finished all four hobbits from the Fellowship - Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin.

Lord of the Rings Hobbits - Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin.

Finished Painting in January: Greek Slingers, Space Crusade Orks and Gretchins, Lord of the Rings Riders of Rohan

I found a lot of time to paint some miniatures during the last two months . But due to the winter weather (snow, ice, rain and temperatues below 0 degree Celsius!) I couldn't finish them because spraying varnish just wasn't possible. Now with the arrival of spring I am happy to show you my efforts of the last two months...

Ancient Greek Slingers.

In January I finally started my Ancient Greek project. It was a heartfelt wish of mine because my cousin Karl and me are planning this project since ages. After Karl gave me a box of Victrix Greek Peltasts as Christmas present and a box of Victrix Greek Hoplites as birthday present I had no other option than to start painting them. So I painted up a group of eight slingers using my beloved painting method by just using Shades / Washes / Inks.

Space Crusade / Star Quest Orks in Bad Moon yellow.

Already early in January I painted some oldschool Orks and Gretchins from the Space Crusade (German name: Star Quest) board game. Star Quest is one of the games that took me into the hobby. I really like this old nineties style that those Games Workshop miniatures have. The Gretchins are a good example for this style. I finished six Gretchins and six Orks that I painted in yellow - the colour of the Bad Moons Ork clan.

Space Crusade / Star Quest Gretchins.

Later I took some old Lord of the Rings miniatures to finish one of my open projects. I am a fan of the Lord of the Rings tabletop as I love the books and really like the game. For my Rohan army I still had to finish some Riders of Rohan with bows. They were nearly ready, painted with a method I used some years ago.

Lord of the Rings Riders of Rohan.

As my Rohan army desperately needed some characters to lead the troops I painted Erkenbrand on horse and on foot as one of the commanders using my standard painting method.

Lord of the Rings Erkenbrand.