Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Just Finished Painting: Night Goblin Archers and Giant

I just finished my second unit of Night Goblins. It's a regiment of 20 Night Goblin Archers. They are accompanied by a huge fellow who they call "Mate from the Bogs". This miniature is a prepainted Bog Elemental from the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game. I rebased it to a Warhammer Fantasy Monster base, used some Green Stuff to hide the original plastic base and painted over the model with different green and brown Citadel Washes and Shades.

Another regiment of Night Goblins.

This time it's an archer regiment.

They are accompanied by a green giant called "Mate from the Bogs".

Saturday, 12 April 2014

WHF Battle Report: The Empire vs. Ogre Kingdoms

Today I met Tobi for a game of Warhammer Fantasy. I didn't play WHF for a while so we decided to go for 1200 points. We played The Empire vs. Ogre Kingdoms on a small 4' by 4' table. It was the first time ever that I played against an Ogre Kingdoms' army.

The Empire army faces an Ogre Kingdoms' horde in our dining room.

I fielded my Empire army comprising of a level 4 Bright Wizard, a Captain leading 24 Halberdiers, a Priest of Sigmar leading 15 Greatswords, 10 Handgunners, a Great Cannon and a Steam Tank. Tobi fielded his Ogre Kingdoms' army comprising of a level 3 Butcher and a Bruiser with Battle Standard leading 7 Ironguts, 3 Leadbelchers, an Ironblaster and an Ogre Gorger.

Brave men of the Empire accompany the mighty Steam Tank.

The Ironblaster was destroyed in the first round. But I couldn't inflict much more damage to Tobi's army during the following turns. When he moved his big unit of Ogres in the center of the battlefield I decided to attack with my (mighty and famous) Steam Tank. I managed to inflict 18 hits and killed most of them. In the meantime Tobi sneaked his Ogre Gorger into the back of my army where he attacked my Great Cannon and destroyed it.

The Ogre Gorger sneaks into the back of the Empire's army.

I attacked attacked Tobi's Ogres with my Greatswords. But while I failed to kill the remaining Ogres and Leadblechers, they whiped out my whole unit of Greatswords. Luckily Tobi also failed to destroy the Steam Tank. The Steam Tank survived with only one hit point left out of ten...

In the end we achieve a fair draw.

In the end I had earned 260 victory points while Tobi had earned 390 victory points. A fair draw.