Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Just Finished Painting: Chaos Spawn

Unleash the hounds of Chaos!

When the new Codex Chaos Space Marines came out my cousin Karl and I talked about all the possibilities the new Codex had to offer. We were happy that the once crappy Chaos Spawn became a much more interesting choise than in the past. As Karl is a big fan of the Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warhounds he proposed to use these models as Chaos Spawn.

I immediately loved this idea. The warhound models look great. And a box of ten hounds is much cheaper than five boxes of two Chaos Spawn models each.

So here is a unit of five Chaos Warhound models that I will use as Chaos Spawn. Of course I painted them purple so they fit well into my Chaos Space Marine army.

The Warhounds of Chaos are unleashed.

They will form a five model strong unit of Chaos Spawn.

Like the rest of the army I painted them purple.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Just Finished Painting: Aegis Defence Line

With the arrival of 6th Edition flyers became a great threat. This Aegis Defence Line and its Quad-Gun gives my 40K armies necessary protection and anti-aircraft firepower.

The Aegis Defence Line.

Its' Quad-Gun provides much needed anti-aircraft firepower.