Sunday, 8 March 2015

Finished Painting in January: Greek Slingers, Space Crusade Orks and Gretchins, Lord of the Rings Riders of Rohan

I found a lot of time to paint some miniatures during the last two months . But due to the winter weather (snow, ice, rain and temperatues below 0 degree Celsius!) I couldn't finish them because spraying varnish just wasn't possible. Now with the arrival of spring I am happy to show you my efforts of the last two months...

Ancient Greek Slingers.

In January I finally started my Ancient Greek project. It was a heartfelt wish of mine because my cousin Karl and me are planning this project since ages. After Karl gave me a box of Victrix Greek Peltasts as Christmas present and a box of Victrix Greek Hoplites as birthday present I had no other option than to start painting them. So I painted up a group of eight slingers using my beloved painting method by just using Shades / Washes / Inks.

Space Crusade / Star Quest Orks in Bad Moon yellow.

Already early in January I painted some oldschool Orks and Gretchins from the Space Crusade (German name: Star Quest) board game. Star Quest is one of the games that took me into the hobby. I really like this old nineties style that those Games Workshop miniatures have. The Gretchins are a good example for this style. I finished six Gretchins and six Orks that I painted in yellow - the colour of the Bad Moons Ork clan.

Space Crusade / Star Quest Gretchins.

Later I took some old Lord of the Rings miniatures to finish one of my open projects. I am a fan of the Lord of the Rings tabletop as I love the books and really like the game. For my Rohan army I still had to finish some Riders of Rohan with bows. They were nearly ready, painted with a method I used some years ago.

Lord of the Rings Riders of Rohan.

As my Rohan army desperately needed some characters to lead the troops I painted Erkenbrand on horse and on foot as one of the commanders using my standard painting method.

Lord of the Rings Erkenbrand.


  1. Sehr schön, die Reiter von Rohan. Die Orks & Goblins sind lustig. Was tragen die Orks denn für Schuhe?

    1. Danke schön... :-)
      Doc Martens natürlich. Aber leider schon ausgeblichen.