Monday, 23 February 2015

Hamburger Tactica 2015

Last weekend we attended the "Hamburger Tactica 2015".  The Tactica is perhaps the most important wargaming convention in northern Germany. It takes place every year in the city of Hamburg ( I've been there only one time before several years ago. Last year the Berlin guys had been there and were so exited that we decided to go there this time together with the whole group. Karl, Krüger and Jörg arrived from Berlin, Andi from Braunschweig and I travelled the far way from Munich. The Tactica is not so much about buying stuff but about gaming. Many hobby groups present great wargame scenarios with beautiful painted minitatures and terrain. And you can meet interesting special guestst like the Perry twins. Jörg who just started with the hobby didn't know them and their work. He is a music fan so we told him that in a certain way the Perrys are the Beatles of miniature designing.

The Kurpfalz Feldherren present their Conan scenario.

We were very happy to join the "Conan - Hyborian Saga" game based on the Saga rule system and presented by the very nice guys of the "Kurpfalz Feldherren" from Heidelberg ( It was our first attempt on Saga. A cool scenario with a lot of atmosphere based on a good rules system. And even some wine to drink... Of course we were exited. And of course Conan won the day by rescuing the kidnapped princess.

I - oh no, wait - Conan won the day!!!

Later we tried "Berezina 1812 White Death", a napoleonic scenario presented by "THS - Team Historische Simulationen" from Düsseldorf ( using their own skirmish rules system written by the fantasy book author Bernhard Hennen. Beside being a great author (I highly recommend to read Bernhard's  "Gezeitenwelt"-cycle - some of my favorite fantasy books) Bernhard is a very nice guy. He ( and his just as nice comrade Stefan ( presented the game in a great story telling manner. Great game, great scenario, great minis, great table, great story, great guys.

Stefan from THS explains the rules to Andi.


Tired and happy we completed the day in a greek restaurant with some nice bottles of greek wine. Some hours later when Krüger started to explain the theory of relativity and its effects on spacetime it became clear for me that we had ended in an episode of "The Big Bang Theory". So I decided to come back next year.

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