Monday, 26 May 2014

40K Battle Report: Tau vs. Plague Marines

On Saturday we played this weekend's second game. Karl asked me to bring my 40k Tau Empire army to Berlin. So I did. We played a 1000 points battle using the 5th Edition rulebook pimped up by some rules from  6th Edition. We battled with a diagonal army setup and struggled for two factories - one in each setup area.

Last preparations before the game starts and including terrain setup.

Karl fielded two strong units of Plague Marines, one with Melters and led by a Chaos General in a Rhino, the other with Plasma Guns defending his objective. A unit of three Obliterators was held in reserve. I fielded a unit of 12 Fire Warrios, 11 Kroot, two Hammerhead tanks and two Piranha Skimmers. A small unit of 3 Stealth Suits and two Commanders in Crisis Suits were ready to jump on the table during the course of battle.

The Plague Marines defending their warped factory.

It was a balanced game that ended in a draw because both of us were able to hold our objective. First I blew up Karl's Rhino making his attack unit much less mobile. Then Karl put a lot of pressure on me when he made a deep strike with his Obliterators near my objective. It took three rounds to wipe them off. This was a close job because Karl killed all my Kroot and nearly wiped out my Fire Warriors. In the end I tried to put the pressure on him when I attacked his Objective with everything I had left. But in the end his Plague Marines proved to be too hard. I wasn't able to contest his objective. So the game ended 1:1.

Tau's side of the battlefield with some Kroot holding their objective.

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