Monday, 26 May 2014

HOTT Battle Report: Goblins vs. Wood Elves

Our third game took place on Sunday morning. This time we played Hordes of the Things with my Goblins versus Karl's Wood Elves.

Taking pictures of the arrayed Goblin and Wood Elf armies.

Karl played with a Hero General, a Behemoth, a giant eagle acting as a Flyer, 4 Spears and 3 Shooters. I played with 4 Warbands (one of them containing my General), 2 Riders, 2 Beasts, a Hero and a Behemoth. My army was attacking and started on a table edge with two woods. Karl's army started on a table edge with one wood and his Stronghold. In the center of the battlefield a huge ancient temple blocked movement and sight. I placed my Warbands and Beasts on my right flank vis-à-vis to Karl's Spears and his Behemoth. My Riders, Hero and Behemoth were placed on my left flank confronting Karl's Shooters, his Flyer and his Hero General.

The Goblins face the Elves in the shadow of an ancient temple ruin.

Karl's army moved forward in a line. I made a swooping advance with my left flank trying to destroy his Shooters with my mounted troops. But due to good movement and the approriate dice results Karl was able to kill enough of my troops on this side to gain superior numbers. I didn't have enough PIPs to attack with my Warbands on the other side. When the Wood Elves' stag riding Hero General slew my Red Giant Behemoth half of my army was destroyed and Karl had won the day.

Heavy fighting on the Goblin's left stops their breakthrough attempts.

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