Monday, 13 April 2015

Beyond the Pillars of Heracles - The Odyssey of the Aquarians Part 3 - The Storm

Where the proud ship breaks...

From the writings of Pontifex the priest about the mythos of "The Odyssey of the Aquarians Part 3 - The Storm":

"And when they see the sons of Hellas green land far away
on the horizon then suddenly wide realm of Poseidon rises and falls
and wind comes up, worse even than Melissanars' heavy spear.

It pulls the wind on cable and rope, and they tear apart,
it pulls the wind on wood and iron, and it breaks,
and the ship bends and bows to the gods power.

And at the ship's helm stands steadfast just the captain,
Spirios from Spiro Spiro, bearing the name of his king,
holding the steerin wheel with iron hands and holds the course.

But an iron will grants no help against destiny's path and
Gods will and ship's hull breaks thundering apart,

sendig the sons of Aquarius into the cold flood."

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