Sunday, 12 April 2015

Beyond the Pillars of Heracles - The Odyssey of the Aquarians Part 2 - The Omen

The shore of Saganakia

From the writings of Pontifex the priest about the mythos of "The Odyssey of the Aquarians Part 2 - The Omen":

"But even as the ship leaves port, it
darkens the sun face despite noon hour,
that those men, in spite of the rudder heavy burden, freeze.
 And already has the ship's proud bow los sight to the coast,
since awakenes from foam's crown Aquaria, the shores Nymph,
and weeping for her sons hard burden.
 And they, the men, who see the tears of beautiful Nymph
and Nereids know that the path that they set foot on,
at the end will be a gloomy one for so many.
 But they find new courage when the gloomy veil is lifting and
the sun's shining captures the proud ship and slides on it

upon the Hellenes blue waters and shores."

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