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Miniature Gallery: D&D Dragonlance - Dragonarmy of Takhisis

Like many others I started my career as a gamer with roleplaying games. The first edition of D&D brought me into the hobby during the late 80s and early 90s. I also started to read many fantasy books. The "Dragonlance Chronicles" from 1984/85 became one of my favourite series during these days.

Over the coming years I read all Dragonlance books (nearly 80) that were translated into German. Then my family bought a dog and I even suggested a name from the Dragonlance setting for him. The dwarf Flint Fireforge one of the major characters from the "Dragonlance Chronicles". We named our dog Flint.

Dragonlance is still today my favourite D&D setting. It recombines traditional elements of fantasy worlds and creates an epic background for an interesting story. I always liked the idea of gods - or better of the goddess Takhisis - directly interfering in the affairs of the mortals and trying to conquer the world of Krynn by the mighty Dragonarmies. Dragons are cool, Draconians are cool, as well as Flying Citadels, Death Knights and Raistlin Majere.

Years later with the release of the collectible painted D&D miniatures line, many characters and creatures of the setting became available for gamers and collectors. So I build up this force of prepainted 28mm miniatures to field it as a Dragonarmy of Takhisis.

The avatar of Takhisis - Queen of Darkness and Raistlin Majere.

The army is led by Takhisis the Queen of Darkness herself! It's the avatar of the goddess, a dragon with five coloured heads combining all five evil dragon types - red, blue, green, black and white. She ist the goddess of all evil dragons. I use the Aspect of Tiamat miniature for her. In the D&D multiverse many gods and goddesses can be found in different settings with different names. She is called Tiamat on most worlds, Takhisis on Krynn.

Next to her is Raistlin Majere - the mightiest wizard that ever lived on Krynn. For many years he fought for her in her Dragonarmies before he betrayed her. He tried to become a god by himself and tried to succeed her as the major god of evil. He finally failed and was trapped by Takhisis in her abyssinial realm in eternal torture.

Baaz Draconians.

The backbone of Takhisis' Dragonarmies are the Draconians, an evil race of dragonman created by dark magic. Takhisis stole the eggs of the good dragons of Krynn and corrupted them with evil magic to breed the Draconians. The most numerous are the Baaz Draconians. Derived from the eggs of brass dragons they serve as rank-and-file troopers of draconian armies. They are weak in mind, with a tendency for disreputable activities. Baaz turn to stone upon death.

Kapak Draconians led by Aurak Draconian and Sivak Draconian.

Other Draconians are less numerous but even mightier. Kapak Draconians are a race of venomous Draconians known for their stealth and cunning. They are derived from copper dragon eggs. When Kapaks die, they turn into acid.

Draconians are led into battle by Aurak and Sivak Draconians. Aurak Draconians are the most powerful and devious of all Draconian Sub-races. Derived from the eggs of gold dragons, Auraks prefer to use magic and their innate abilities over physical fighting. When they die, they turn into a large powerful burst of magical energy.

Sivak Draconians are also among the most powerful Draconians, second only to the Auraks. Created from silver dragon eggs they are the largest and most physically imposing Draconians. Due to their large wings, Sivaks are the only Draconians that can truly fly. Their ability to transform into creatures they have slain makes them useful spies in civilized society. When a Sivak dies, it takes the form of its killer.


The Queen of Darkness has many henchmen, including Goblins and their kin. Hobgoblins are bigger, stronger and more disciplined than their Goblin relatives. That's why they form the largest contigent in the Dragonarmies.

Lord Soth and his Death Knights.

Lord Soth once was a good knight. Due to selfishness and arrogance he refused to help the good gods preventing Krynn from the cataclysm. For punsihment he and his companions were turned into undead Death Knights. During the War of the Lance Lord Soth allied with Takhisis to conquer Krynn.


  1. Do you know how to get the mini draconians? I already have the metal ones

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    1. It's too bad they never made a Bozak draconian mini. I used a Dragonborn mini to represent a Bozak in our campaign :)