Thursday, 23 May 2013

HOTT Battle Report: Draconians and Orcs vs. Dwarves and Greeks

Last weekend Bettina and me visited my cousin Karl and his family in Berlin. We met Krüger and Andi who came to Berlin with his girlfriend Katja. Together we spend the long Pentecost weekend with gaming and visiting the "Carnival of Cultures" to eat food from all over the world and drink beer and cocktails.

Karl, Krüger and Andi are my old gaming fellows. As some kind of "gaming club" we play games together since decades - starting in Dortmund as "Wazimu" and continuing in Berlin. Today I live in Munich and they live and Berlin and Braunschweig. We can only rarely find the time to meet and play. I miss them and our regular gaming sessions a lot!

Having fun with my cousin Karl.

On Saturday we played a big team match of Hordes of the Things with 48 points on each side. In my opinion HOTT is the perfect game to field miniatures from any setting, time period, game system and manufacturer against each other.

Andi played his Warhammer dwarves in an alliance with Karl's newly painted Greek peltasts on the "forces of good" side. I teamed up with Krüger who fielded his Warhammer orcs for the "forces of evil" side. My force was an army of Draconians from the D&D Dragonlance setting.

The forces are arrayed on the battlefield.

Andi's dwarves formed the center of their battleline with Karl's Greeks split up on both flanks. Krüger's orcs were arrayed on our right flank, my Draconians and their Hobgoblin allies on our left flank. We had a good beginning. Andi made a daredevil advance with his Gyrocopter (counting as an airboat). Krüger's orc hero countered the assault and destroyed the Gyrocopter. Performing some dark and bloody ritual my Draconians even evoked the avatar of the goddess Takhisis herself (counting as a God) on the second turn!!!

Our old "gaming club".

But gods and godesses are moody, especially the evil ones. Takhisis arrived, showed her power and majesty and directly disappeared again on the next turn... Oh my...

Then we began to loose. Krüger's orcs were slain by those naked slingers and sturdy dwarves one by one. My Draconians were able to hold the left flank and and to bring Karl's army to it's break point but they were not able to kill enough enemy units. Without our goddess our defeat was inevitable. Karl and Andi won the day.

With panic in their eyes these dwarves face their death.

For more pics and more detailled information on the battle including army lists visit the blog of my cousin:

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