Saturday, 22 October 2016

Spiel 2016

Last weekend Bettina and me attended the Spiel 2016 convention in Essen. We tried out several games, including "Klask" an interesting table football game made from wood in which the players try to shoot goals using magnets under the table ( This game reminds me on our old wooden made "Wutzball" game that we should play much more often.

"Star Trek Ascendancy" is a nice game with great gaming material.

I was very keen to try out the new "Star Trek Ascendancy" boardgame by Gale Force 9. A very nice guy from GF9 explained us the rules even while commiting that he actually never played the game by himself. The game has some interesting concepts and the gaming material is very good. But unfortunately it costs 100 bucks and for me it seemed to be a little bit overpriced for what you get. As I'm thinking about using all my nice Star Trek Attack Wing ships in a similar custom made boardgame I decided against buying it. In the end I was happy to take the free Star Trek badges that were offered there. Sometimes the small things are the best.

Prodos Games' "Aliens vs. Predator" miniatures are just amazing.

Another of my ongoing planned projects is my miniature project set in the Aliens vs. Predator universe. Prodos games is doing the official game and their are doing a great job with the quality of their miniatures. This year I finally bought the "The Hunt Begins" box set as well as some Facehuggers and Alien Warriors. The details on the miniatures are amazing - much better than for example the Games Workshop minis. To conclude the Alien theme of this years' Spiel I finally bought another geeky t-shirt. This time I went for a Nostromo crew shirt. Like every year it was a great day.

This years' buys have a heavy Alien theme.