Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Beyond the Pillars of Heracles - About the Harpies of the Islands of Aquarius

Aquarians attacked by a flock of harpies.

From the writings of Pontifex the priest about the Harpies of the Islands of Aquarius:

"And those are known as the Harpies of the islands. Half birds, half witch-women. They live on the wild mountain tops of the Islands of Aquarius. And they rule the skies over the islands With their dreadfull chantings they charm both men and animals to descend on them and to feed themselves on their flesh and blood. They represent the baneful. And they also represent the storms and malign winds.

Once in a year Kelaino, the harpy, comes from the far west. Kelaino who once met Aeneus on the Strofades. Then she flies to Aquarius. And she lies with him. This is Aquarius' punishment. The punishment given him by Zeus for his disobedience once in the Bronzen Age of Men.

This is the punishment for the Sons of Aquarius too. As there is one single egg coming from the joining every year. And from this egg another daughter of Kelaino arises every year. Joining their sisters in the skies.

Often men don't see them for many years. But at times they come down from their mountain ranges in great number."


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    1. Thank you Francis.
      By the way, I like your 15mm modern stuff. The Panzergrenadiere for example are great. Cheers.